How we can help:

Analyzing your intended interpretations

By analyzing your intended interpretations in a workshop or discussion format, we can uncover undesired interpretations, and guide you how to address them, and provide recommendations on how to improve the communicative potential of your product.

This analysis helps you that your intended message gets more often across and that your product is increasingly accepted. It provides expeditious results, but involves uncertainties, if not combined with our other services.

Testing your intended interpretations

First, we have a look at your data, and where needed we reach out to your users, potential users, and non-users to capture their interpretations of your product. Next, we analyze the interpretations through seven influencing factors.

This allows us to provide you with more detailed and robust recommendations backed by our scientific experience for getting your intended message across and for driving the acceptance of your product. Moreover, the testing allows us to draw conclusions about potential user groups.

Ultimately, the testing decreases the risk of a failure on the market.

Analyzing your business environment

Analyzing interpretations within the scope of your business environment allows us to position your product among alternative solutions. By that, we can determine the conditions in which your product becomes significant to its users. In addition, we describe means through which potential users can adopt your product based on the scientific experience on interpretations.

This is the most comprehensive analysis in our portfolio.

Developing whole product concepts

In addition to product improvements, which we derive from the different analyses mentioned above, we support you in developing product concepts through the lense of interpretations. Of course, the business environment needs to be analyzed, and the intended interpretations need to be tested as well, however in a more open-ended setting, which requires a more iterative design process and therefore more time.

Quick run


Involvement for a short period of time with focus on one specific question/problem/need that you have.

We will deliver recommendations for product improvements based on the analysis and/or testing.



temporary or continuous involvement with regular meetings for working on several questions/problems/needs

This model allows us to dive deeper into your products, business environment, and your (potential) users’ thoughts. Thus, we can support you with more detailed analyses, testing, and developed concepts.



We also train you and your employees/colleagues to empower you to independently work with our approach to interpretations.

Training workshops take 1-3 days.


Whether you are a start-up or full-grown company: we have the right solution to your needs.